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Need some cool free typefaces or typographic inspiration to get you in the groove? Look no further!

By Ars Grafik

I am obsessed with great typography. Typefaces, typographic treatments, prints and illustrations using creative typography, and more. I have over 1500 active fonts on my computer, and the number continues to grow. So anytime I stumble upon some incredible free fonts and other typography resources, I’m compelled to share them with you. Here are some recent favs:

Twenty Six Types

A letter a day project @ Twenty Six Types. Good place to find inspiration!

Twenty Six Types

A sample of their found letters:



TypoFlat is run by Branislav Cirkovic as a personal project focusing on the art of creation. He’s produced incredible typefaces and vector freebies, and the artwork showcasing his fonts is equally great. Really good work, great fonts. This one below is Drea, and there are a ton of variations in the download. Go check it out!


Some great vector freebies there as well, in addition to a variety of killer fonts!


The Typographer

A collection of typography inspiration and resources from across the web.

the typographer

The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type is a community open-source project that makes available free typefaces. You can contribute too!

The League of Moveable Type

Here’s Blackout, one of their very awesome fonts:


Chris Piascik

Chris Piascik is an incredible illustrator and designer, and he’s got a great collection of work at his flickr page as well as his site. Drop him a visit!

chrispiascik flickr

Typography Served

Daily mashups of typography from all over the Internet.

Typography Served

Inspired Yet?

Go visit Tutorial Lounge for their roundup of tutorials on typography treatments.


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