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High-resolution, handdrawn doodle brushes for Photoshop.

By Ars Grafik

These handdrawn doodle brushes for Photoshop are AWESOME!!! They’re fun, hi-resolution, and can be used to create a lot of different designs. Import them into Illustrator for additional manipulation. Download free Photoshop brushes below, and use them however you please. There are nearly 30 brushes in the set to give you a lot of ammo to work with when using them in your next design.

I <3 handdrawn graphics… it lends a crafty, personal touch to the Internet–always a good thing!

I’ll release the brushes as vector graphics within the next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

**Update: Vector graphics are available here. Also, I’ve added and edited the original PSD brushes to make them even better, so you might want to download and reinstall if you already have a set.**

Handdrawn Doodle Brushes

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