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Photoshop brush pack featuring 20 high resolution advertisements from the early twentieth century.

By Ars Grafik

Advertisements sometimes capture more about a period than almost any other form of media. The early twentieth century is a great example of this with a general preoccupation over quick-fix health remedies and the growing optimism of the soon-to-be roaring twenties. This pack of 20 high resolution Photoshop brushes captures a small slice of the advertisements from the first decades of that century. Look for brushes ranging from bitters and pills to department and clothing stores.

The ads in this brush pack were sourced from a few of the tens of thousands of scanned newspaper pages available through the Library of Congress. Created in CS3, these brushes are available for personal and commercial works. You may not redistribute or hotlink without authorization from Ars Grafik. Please see our terms of use for more information.

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Photoshop Brushes: Vintage Newspaper Ads

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