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A roundup of some of the very best typographic treatments from top graphic designers around the globe.

By Ars Grafik

Awesome typographic treatments are hard to come by, so check out these incredible graphic artists for some inspiring typography. They make you look at type in a whole new way! All images are copyright their respective artists.

Typographic Artists and Their Art

Ork Posters

Ork Posters is run by Jennifer Beorkrem and began in late 2007 when Jennifer created a typographic neighborhood map of Chicago and turned it into a poster for herself. Little did she know that her project would hit the blogosphere and turn her DIY screenprinted poster into a full-time job. You can order posters for Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Great Lakes, Los angeles, Manhattan, NYC, Philly, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Washington, DC, the Heart, and the Brain.


Pedro Vilas-Boas

Some incredible work here. Not your everyday fonts!


Sarah King

Sometimes a peach is not just a peach.


Jason Tozer

Awesome hand-created typography effect using glass, text, and a poolball. Can you think of anything cooler?


Jarrell Goh’s Zebra Eye


Vlad Studio’s Typographic World Map

Love it.


Dencii’s “Dream” Poster


This piece leaves me breathless. Gorgeous work.

Zummi’s X and Ys


Nick Schmitz’s Pretty Sure

Great for Valentine’s Day!


Gui Borchert

Obama Typography Poster


Sean Freeman

I just wanna lick it up. :)


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