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By Evan

Today I thought I would post a list of ten useful jQuery plugins I have come across. This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, it only begins to scratch the surface when it comes to well designed jQuery plugins.

I’ve included image galleries, content sliders, and some very cool tooltip plugins. Enjoy.

Image Tools: Useful jQuery Plugins

Lightbox jQuery Plugin

This is an easy to install, simple to use lightbox plugin for jQuery. I strongly recommend it, having found it useful on several recent projects. Images load quickly, with smooth transitions. Check out the lightbox demo here.

Virtual Tour jQuery Plugin

This is an impressive jQuery plugin for transforming panoramic images into virtual tours. There is lots of potential for the use of this plugin in real estate sites for high-end luxury homes and multi-unit developments. Demo.

Cycle jQuery Plugin

This is a powerful jQuery tool to add to your developer/designer toolbox. The Cycle plugin, and its streamlined version Cycle Lite, are packed with options to customize your slideshow’s look and feel.

Simple Slideshow jQuery Plugin

This is a great tutorial and plugin that walks you through setting up a simple jQuery slideshow plugin. I recommend checking out this tutorial even if you are not looking to set up a image slideshow.


Content Sliders: Useful jQuery plugins

jFlow jQuery Plugin

A clean, easy to install and maintain, jQuery content slider. To top it all off, this is as lightweight as they come at only 2k minified. Here’s the demo.

Featured Content Glider jQuery Plugin

Another good option when looking for a content slider based on jQuery. Also relatively easy to set up and maintain. Demo.

Accessible News Slider jQuery Plugin

This is a small headline news slider jQuery plugin with lots of potential. I haven’t had the opportunity to incorporate this one into a site yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so. If you have any good examples of its use, let me know. I would love to see them. Demo.

Tooltip: Useful jQuery plugins

qTip jQuery Plugin

This is and exceptionally well designed tooltip jQuery plugin from Craig Thompson. Its look and function is clean, and it requires little coding to load. Demo.


vTip jQuery Plugin

Another good option for simple tooltip functionality. Very minimal look! Demo.


Coda Bubble jQuery Plugin

This one takes a bit more fussing around with, but just look at the effect. Demo.


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  1. Jason

    … I also find myself torn between the coffee shop and my dual monitor setup :)

  2. Cyndi Hall

    May I suggest ABR Viewer as an alternative to loading and trying each brush in Photoshop? It’s free, and I use it regularly. You may find this a great time-saving alternative!

    Hope it helps!

  3. Kendall

    Thanks for the referral, Cyndi! I’ll have to spend some time tonight trying it out.

  4. 4elves

    I love you to pieces man!!

  5. Lia

    I wished and wished for a Mac, then was given one at work.

    So I moved all my files over.

    I HATE it. I’m a designer. I have about 50 folders for 50 different projects. I name the banner psd “banner.psd” for all of them. Try and search for them all, yeah the Mac finds them but then you have to do “get info” for each one (or change some such setting and still click on each to see where the dang thing is located. On windows. I glanced at the path to the folder and voila. Yeah changing permissions on Vista is a headache but it’s far better than the constant problems I have on the Mac. Photoshop is twitchy at best, the thing crashes, although my Roku, PS3, Wii, personal laptop all do fine with my wirless, the mac drops it all the time. I use multiple monitors. Oh my god what idiot thought of leaving the application menu on one screen when the application is on another? You can only choose one little sprout because Steve Jobs knows better than you how you should work.
    can’t wait to ditch it.

    sorry tirade over.

    ps tons of free windows applications out there.

  6. Obcali

    Um… how about not naming all of your files the same name? Sounds more like an organizational issue than an operating system issue, either way.

    I might recommend using an identifier and THEN _banner.psd? I assume it’d be difficult to find photos as well if every picture on a drive had its own folder and was named “photo.jpg”.


  7. Russell

    Ok, so… I’m a total newbie to photoshop. I have CS5 and a brickton of brushes. I have tried renaming them, but they do NOT show up in the list like I want them to. I’ve played around with it for like a half hour. Can anyone please help?

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