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Excellent free desktop wallpaper tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

This design freebie is a tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix–immortalized in a free desktop wallpaper. Artist Asa Sporbert is the designer behind this great work. The color, depth, and texture make it simply mesmerizing. Resolution is 2000×1000 pixels and image is in PNG format. Download free today!

Artist’s Terms: None, except no selling of my art. It may be showcased on other sites as long as I’m credited and notified so I can check it out.

Jimi Hendrix Wallpaper

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  2. shaman4d

    Cool wallpapers. But really interesting HOW you were created it.

  3. Lola Koarn

    super uglyz, make ‘em intresting


    Omg shaddup Lola Koarn!!! The artwork is ‘mazing NOT i totally agree, you gotta get some more BOOM into it? ya know what im sayin? cuz its kinda well whats the word… BORINGGGGG, dont mean to be critical and mean but honestly??

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