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Cute desktop wallpaper with daisies on a light blue field. Brought to you by Spanish designer Roksan Aydelman.

Today we are pleased to be offering up this cute wallpaper by Roksan Aydelman of Roksbe Designs. Roksan is an Israeli designer and photographer who currently works from the Island of Malta. For additional works from this artist, check out her Deviant Art page.

This image is 1680×1050 px, and nicely oriented to not obscure the top portion of the screen where icons usually reside.

Artists Description

Um… Basically, I had previously worked designing promotional material for night clubs, so I’m used to having to make bold eye catching designs – But now that I get to actually design for pleasure as well as pay, I find that I really enjoy making simpler designs and images, that have one main focus, not a huge scene going on, but one main detailed focus. I normally don’t make such bright images, but I was in a good mood and wanted to make just something cheerful and simple – Hence the Happy Daisies were born

Terms of Use

Terms of use are that it is free for personal use, as desktop wallpaper etc, but any use otherwise, in photo manipulations, etc needs to have a link crediting me with the original image. Besides that I don’t mind if it’s used, just as long as credit is given.

Happy Daisies Wallpaper

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  2. shaman4d

    Cool wallpapers. But really interesting HOW you were created it.

  3. Lola Koarn

    super uglyz, make ‘em intresting


    Omg shaddup Lola Koarn!!! The artwork is ‘mazing NOT i totally agree, you gotta get some more BOOM into it? ya know what im sayin? cuz its kinda well whats the word… BORINGGGGG, dont mean to be critical and mean but honestly??

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