Photoshop Brushes: Skeletons Nimbus WordPress Themes

Just in time for Halloween: 10 hi-res PSD skeleton brushes.

By Ars Grafik

This is a set of 10 hi-res skeleton Photoshop brushes available for free download. They are from sketches by some of my favorite classical artists, and they are truly works of art. In this PSD brush pack, you will get skeletons in various forms, from skulls to full bodies. These drawings were used as anatomical studies in the 16th-19th centuries when modern medicine was just forming. You might recognize some of da Vinci’s sketches, as well as some other well known artists from the time.

I spent a good deal of time cutting out these images at a super high resolution so you can use them in a variety of settings. And since it’s almost Halloween (my favorite holiday!), I thought we all could use some skeletons.

Photoshop Brushes: Skeletons

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