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Get these awesome free vintage high-resolution PSD brushes of early 1900s boxers today!


This free high-resolution Photoshop brush pack contains ten vintage brushes of early 1900s boxers in various stances. Each brush was carefully lifted from newsprint or promotional materials from between the years 1900 and 1919. Many of the stances seem awkward compared to the look of modern fighters, but these were rough fellows for that time. Not to be trifled with.

Because these brushes are primarily taken from newspapers, you will notice that some appear to have been cut out by hand (as with scissors). This in fact is the case. For the most part, newspapers at this time would have physically trimmed the images and then included them in layout. It was another age for the printing industry.

These images are very high resolution so they should be useful for even the most demanding print media. It’s a pretty large zip file, so have patience. :)

Vintage Boxer Brushes

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