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Download this set of free, large, high-res Photoshop brushes of lily flowers.

By Ars Grafik

Today we’re giving away a set of free, large, high-res Photoshop brushes of lily flowers. These brushes would be great for feminine designs—they’d do well in a shabby chic theme for web design, on stationery, t-shirts, and anything else you can think of.

As I was working on a blog design for a client recently, I needed some stamp-like lily brushes for a background image. While you can find tons of Photoshop flower brush packs, none of them contained semi-realistic lilies. So I did some sleuthing and found six images of lilies that I converted into brushes.

I used various filters to manipulate the images, starting with the Find Edges command and then using the stamp or photocopy filters, playing with the contrast and other image adjustments until the image took on a stencil or stamp-like effect. Not all the brushes have the same “look” to them, so play around with them a bit to see which ones work the best.

Manipulating Photoshop Brushes

Here’s a good tip if you didn’t know already: you can manipulate the brush itself by expanding the Brush Presets in the brushes window. Double click on the Brush Tip Shape in the menu on the left side of the brushes window and a variety of options will pop up on the lower right side of the window. You can flip/reflect the brush, adjust the angle, roundness, and spacing, allowing greater control over the brush itself. This way, if you want to reflect a brush you don’t have to transform the whole layer, just the brush.

How to Install Brushes in Photoshop

After you’ve downloaded and extracted the brush file, you will see that it is an .abr file, which is Adobe’s shorthand for a brush file. Dump it into the Brushes folder under the Adobe Photoshop Presets folder. In Windows, you can find this in your C: drive under Program Files => Adobe => Adobe Photoshop => Presets => Brushes.

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Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes: Lily Brushes

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