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Download this simple seamless black diamond pattern for fills and background textures!

By Ars Grafik

Today I’m releasing a free seamless diamond pattern for Illustrator and Photoshop. Sometimes you just need a simple pattern for a fill or background texture, and you don’t want to take the time to make one. So I’ve done it for you! This is a basic black diamond pattern; the pattern is already in the swatches panel of the Illustrator file, and I’ve also included a PNG of the tiled image so you can define it as a pattern in Photoshop if that works better for you. Versatile is always good!

The above image is just example of what you can do with tileable, seamless patterns. I started out making it in Illustrator, then I went into Photoshop to grungify it and add gradients, etc. I learned Photoshop first a long time ago, and it’s always my first choice since I’m most comfortable with it. I am, however, forcing myself to use Illustrator as much as possible and use the two programs together so I can make the most out of the Adobe suite.

Feel free to post links to your work containing the pattern. I love seeing it!

Diamonds Pattern for PSD + AI

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