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By Ars Grafik

Here’s a collection of my favorite calligraphy and wedding fonts with links to their sources so you can have a complete collection of fonts the next time you’re designing for weddings, ceremonies, stationery like graduation announcements, and more.

Some of the fonts are free, some are paid, but they’re worth your while!

Calligraphy and Wedding Fonts

Calligraphy comes from the Greek κάλλος kallos, meaning beauty, and γραφή graphẽ, meaning writing: literally, “beautiful writing.” What we recognize as calligraphy is historically considered to be Western calligraphy, which emerged around 600 BC in Rome. Various other forms of calligraphy, such as Slavic, East Asian, Indian, Persian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Islamic, and Maya, also exist.

The art of calligraphy is a dying breed; only a handful of calligraphers still exist in most cities. My mom is a professional calligrapher and taught me long ago how to hold a calligraphy pen. Typically, each calligrapher learns the popular/historical fonts, and they also create their own signature font, which they use regularly. Calligraphy is often found on diplomas, wedding announcements, graduations, awards, and as its own masterpiece in matted prints.

As calligraphy is often expensive, people have turned to digital replicas of the real thing. While I’m still a huge proponent of utilizing and employing local artisans, there are times when you need a digital calligraphic font for websites and other computerized art. So here are some of my favorite calligraphic fonts and other fonts that are perfect to use for weddings and other special occasions. But don’t take my word for it! Read on to find some great cool fonts.


Whitechapel BB Regular by Blambot




Lee Ann from Typadelic


Intima Script by Lián Types


Champion Script by Parachute


Beurre by Wilton Foundry


Arabesque by Scholtz Fonts

Simona by Autographis


Martina by TureBlue


Caramel Family by TypeSETit


Lisa Bella by Wiescher Design


Ability by Scholtz Fonts


Natalya Font by insigne


Nars by Eduardo Recife of Misprinted Type (if you don’t know already, he’s my hero)


Publius by Scriptorium


Lisa Fiore by Wiescher Design


Aphrodite by TypeSenses


Elisara by Autographis


Amazone by Bitstream


SG Bernhard Schoenschrift Pack from Elsner + Flake


Benevento by Scriptorium


Affable Complete Pack by Scholtz Fonts


Nelly Script by Tart Workshop


Ellida Complete Pack by Wiescher Design


Portfolio by Wilton Foundry


Monster Days, again, by the genius Eduardo Recife


Adagio Pro by profonts

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    Hope it helps!

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  7. Russell

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