From the rain whipped coastal plains of the Pacific Northwest, the Ars Grafik team works tirelessly in the production of graphic design freebies. Forget having to pay top-dollar for premium content. We make it affordable. A downright steal.

We believe that people can be self-made. That anyone can make a living in the design world if they have the right tools to make great art. That’s where we come in. We make the tools: everything from Photoshop brushes to vector graphics to seamless patterns. You take those tools and put them to use. Whether you’re building websites, apps, illustrating books, or screenprinting t-shirts, we’ve created this hub with you in mind. We hope you like it!

Currently, the team at Ars Grafik consists of two members, but we look forward to adding new creative minds to the mix in the near future. Here’s the staff:

Kendall Cline (Creative + Founder)

Kendall leads the creative front at Ars Grafik. She loves nothing more than putting on her headphones and making usable art in the form of vector images, Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, and wallpapers. Kendall also handles branding and marketing. (You can find her on twitter pretty much all the time. She’s kind of obsessed.)

Evan Scoboria (Technical + Founder)

Evan brings a mishmash of technical skills to Ars Grafik. He keeps the site running, handles business operations, and works with theme users to customize their WordPress themes. In his off time, he creates texture images, WordPress themes, and the occasional Photoshop brush.